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Group worries that new air pollution permit could allow Clairton coke works to pollute more

A company spokesperson said the purpose of putting in new pollution controls is to improve the efficiency of the pollution collection system, not to increase coke production

By Reid Frazier

Class action settlement delivers $2 million to residents living near Clairton Coke Works

The settlement stipulates that U.S. Steel put $6.5 million towards environmental improvement projects at the facility.
By Sarah Boden/WESA

‘We don’t understand why they haven’t done this yet’: Groups sue US Steel over emissions data

US Steel reported releases of sulfur dioxide to local regulators after a Christmas Eve fire knocked out pollution controls. But two environmental groups said the company also should have reported releases of other hazardous pollutants.

By Reid Frazier

US Steel, Allegheny County have a draft agreement on pollution violations

Deal does not affect lawsuit over pollution from Dec. 24 fire
By Reid Frazier