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Man killed while working at Three Mile Island

TMI Unit 1 owner Exelon Generation said a contract worker was fatally injured around 11 a.m. on Friday.

By Rachel McDevitt

Midstate county seeks input on climate action plan

Cumberland County is adding population at one of the quickest rates in the commonwealth. It also serves as a hub for national shipping networks.

By Rachel McDevitt

Flight 93 crashed among coal mines. Treating the water there was no ordinary project

Some of those involved in treating the water contaminated by the site’s legacy of coal mining still remember the weight the work carried.

By Madison Goldberg

PA cities have a sewer-system problem. Green infrastructure can help — but comes with its own risks

Heavier rain related to climate change could make the problem worse. Some who work on these issues say green infrastructure should be part of community-based efforts in order to help residents who face the greatest environmental burdens.

By Madison Goldberg

PFAS report identifies hundreds of Pa. manufacturing sites

The so-called ‘forever chemicals’ are linked to a range of health problems.

By Brett Sholtis

Pennsylvania sprays for gypsy moths in 19 counties, hoping to bring down a spike in the leaf-eating insect

Trees can handle some gypsy moth caterpillars, but too many mean a tree can lose too much foliage and could die.

By Anne Danahy

Western Pennsylvania Conservancy sells land along Clarion River for the Allegheny National Forest

The conservancy said it’s an important strip of land to protect along the Clarion, a National Wild and Scenic River which is coming back from two centuries of logging and other heavy industry.

By Reid Frazier

Philadelphia Energy Solutions refinery demolition to take four years, new owner Hilco says

After a video call with the company that’s redeveloping the PES site, some members of an environmental justice group said they still had questions.

By Susan Phillips

Delaware County sues PFAS makers for contamination at fire-fighting sites

Delaware County’s district attorney said contamination could have been prevented if companies that made the chemicals “had been honest with consumers.”

By Jon Hurdle