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What can I do about climate change? Part 7: Speak up

Connecting with others interested in finding solutions to climate challenges can help you stay motivated.

By Rachel McDevitt

What can one person do about climate change? Part 6: Upgrade your home

Those measures will take time and money, so it’s important to plan ahead.

By Rachel McDevitt

Fingerprints of climate change seen in Pa.’s hot summer days

Pennsylvania did not set records, but a new analysis shows it is still feeling the effects of climate change.

By Rachel McDevitt

State amphibian may get another shot at federal protections

Forty percent of known hellbender populations have died out and more are shrinking.

By Rachel McDevitt

What can one person do about climate change? Part 5: Shop smart

Buying fewer things, shopping second-hand, and repairing what you can all help reduce your impact on the climate.

By Rachel McDevitt

What can I do about climate change? Part 4: Getting around

Transportation is responsible for about one-third of U.S. emissions.

By Rachel McDevitt

As renewables grow, questions remain for utilities and regulators

An increase in battery storage in homes poses questions for utilities and regulators.

By Rachel McDevitt

More than 70% of Pennsylvania rivers, streams contain PFAS

Valley Creek is just one waterway out of many across the U.S. with elevated PFAS levels caused by wastewater treatment plants and electronics manufacturing facilities.
By Zoë Read/WHYY

Advocates say proposed cuts to EPA would hurt PFAS control efforts

PFAS have been linked to some cancers, thyroid disease, developmental delays in children, and other health conditions.

By Rachel McDevitt

Pa. crypto plant wants to burn tires; environmental advocates ask regulator to say no

Some companies have taken over waste coal plants in Pennsylvania to power the energy-intensive process of making cryptocurrency.

By Rachel McDevitt