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Best Of StateImpact: Which NH Counties Lost Residents (And Won New Ones)

The Granite State’s economy depends heavily on well-educated and highly-skilled workers.  Historically, a lot of that labor pool has been replenished by out-of-staters.  Given recent concerns about the ebbing waves of new Granite Staters, we thought it was time to repost a series of posts we did on the subject of migration, based on IRS […]

Part 4: Which NH Counties Won New Residents (And Lost Old Ones)

One of our most popular sets of posts has been an occasional series with a different take on migration into–and out of–New Hampshire.  Using IRS data, Jon Bruner of Forbes traced where people in every county in the country were moving to–and from–between 2005 and 2009.  Then, he generated a really cool map that allows you […]

Part 2: Which NH Counties Won New Residents–And Lost Old Ones

We’ve been thinking a bit more about demographics lately, in light of the New England Economic Partnership’s recent Economic Forecast conference.  The region faces a number of population problems.  At the risk of oversimplification, here are the main issues: New England has a high proportion of people who are Baby Boomers and older.  Some are […]

Part 1: Which NH Counties Won New Residents–And Lost Old Ones

Yesterday, we linked to a nifty map generated by Jon Bruner of Forbes.  (We still recommend you check it out.)  Using IRS data, he was able to trace where people in every county in the country were moving to–and from–since 2005. Since New England’s been experiencing a shortage of young, working-age people–and their kids–for some […]

Mapping Who’s Coming To–And Leaving–New Hampshire

As you’re probably well aware by now, StateImpact really, really likes maps, charts, and other cool ways of visualizing the numbers soup we lovingly refer to as “raw data.”  Oftentimes, we like to generate our own stuff.  But every now and then, someone creates an interactive data tool so cool, we just have to share […]

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