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Coalition Of Towns Challenges LGC Refund Plans

It’s been a busy week on the Local Government Center beat. Recently, we reported for NHPR that a coalition of 12 towns has banded together to demand what it calls its “fair share” of health insurance surplus payments from the Local Government Center.  In the interests of bringing you up to speed, we’ll outline the […]

What the LGC’s Reorganization Means To Communities (And Taxpayers)

The on-going fight between the state of New Hampshire and one of the nation’s largest insurance risk pool managers is an important one, with millions of dollars of taxpayer money at stake. It’s also incredibly complicated. As the Local Government Center implements changes ordered by a hearing officer–even as it appeals the ruling to the […]

Federal Vs State Health Insurance Exchange–Does It Matter?

As part of the Affordable Care Act, every state must have a health insurance exchange in place by January 2014. An exchange is a clearinghouse of sorts where people and small business can go to buy insurance and also find out which tax rebates they may use to help them buy coverage. “I’ve heard people […]

New Hampshire’s Small Employers Grapple with Higher Health Insurance Rates

By this time you might know that New Hampshire has some of the highest health insurance rates in the country. The state is among the 10 most expensive places in the US to buy health insurance. At the same time we rank second in the nation, right behind Massachusetts, for high numbers of private  employers who offer health coverage for their […]

Why New Hampshire Is Second In The Nation For Employees With Health Insurance

The US Census Bureau delivered some interesting numbers that are difficult to understand. New Hampshire’s private sector workers have the second highest rate of health insurance in the US. Massachusetts, with its mandated coverage, is number one. That state requires larger employers to provide health insurance to employees. But how did New Hampshire with its relatively small […]

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