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Why The Eurozone Crisis Matters To New Hampshire’s Economy

To people not directly involved in fixing, analyzing, or monitoring the Eurozone crisis, it can take on the character of black magic.  And it’s easy to think that the dark arts of the European Central Bank’s low-interest lending initiatives, national bond auctions, and bailout talk have little bearing on our daily lives. In fact, they […]

How A European Recession Could Hurt Key Export States–Including NH

Recently, Wells Fargo Securities released a short report offering a state-by-state look at the places that could be hardest-hit by a potential European recession.  Since New Hampshire has carved out a healthy niche for itself in the high-tech components export market, we thought this report might be of interest to our StateImpact readers. For its […]

World Markets Still Jumpy

It’s been yet another rough day for world markets.  As AP Business Writer Colleen Barry reports, investors remain jittery about a possible double-dip recession in the US, and the on-going debt crisis in Europe.  A good way to begin analyzing today’s market jumpiness is to start with Barry’s roundup of what  global investors have been up to:

How Stock Market Jitters, Treasury Bonds, And Fed Interest Rates Affect The State’s Economy

It’s been a crazy couple of weeks, with financial tremors continuing to shake-up the jagged economic landscape.  National GDP barely went up, Congress made an 11th hour deal to raise the debt ceiling, S&P downgraded the US credit rating anyway, and the Federal Reserve decided to hold interest rates steady—at virtually nothing—for the next two […]

A Good Week For NH’s Green Energy Businesses

About a week after my long post focusing on New Hampshire’s green economy, it looks like the state’s alternative energy businesses have been busy courting Asian markets.  First, as James Connonly of Mass High Tech reports, Merrimack-based GT Solar has reeled in a big order: “Solar energy equipment manufacturer GT Solar International Inc. today said […]

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