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Renewable Energy Entrepreneur Talks Benefits, Challenges Of Going Green In N.H.

This week, StateImpact will be checking-in on the progress of the University of New Hampshire‘s Green Launching Pad initiative.  Begun in 2010 with $1.5 million in federal stimulus money, the GLP’s goal is to provide seed money, UNH faculty business expertise, and student interns to entrepreneurs in the state’s growing green sectors. One of the […]

Regional Cap-And-Trade Slashed Energy Use By $5 Million

The region’s controversial cap-and-trade system is working–at least as far as grant-funded energy cuts are concerned.  A new report released by UNH-based Carbon Solutions New England found that between the summers of 2010 and 2011, companies cut their emissions by 18,900 metric tons.  As David Brooks reports for the Nashua Telegraph: “Grants from money paid […]

Some Key Arguments For–And Against–Making PSNH Sell Its Generating Facilities

One of the big issues in the New Hampshire business community this legislative session is the push to continue deregulating utilities.  The state’s current power regulation model is something of a hybrid between old-fashioned regulation and deregulation.  The idea is, there are regulated utility companies (like PSNH, which the Public Utilities Commission reports serves 70 […]

Visualizing The State Of The Union Address (And The GOP Response)

The big story of the day is, of course, President Obama’s State of the Union address last night.  Since the speech wrapped, analysis from politicos, pundits, and wonks has been pretty much non-stop. As a business and economy site, we’re definitely interested in the overarching economic themes of the president’s address–and the Republican response.  But […]

Q&A: Why The Patron Saint Of “Reagonomics” Supports A Carbon Tax

If there is a patron saint of modern Republican tax policy, it is economist Arthur Laffer.  Laffer is best known for the  Laffer Curve – a graph of the theory that under the right circumstances, a cut in tax rates produces higher tax revenues.  The Laffer Curve was the keystone of  so-called “Reaganomics.” He was […]

Berlin Super Fund Site A Continuing Concern

The die-off of the North Country’s paper mill industry has left economic scars on the North Country.  But as NHPR’s Amy Quinton recently reported, it’s also left environmental scars.  And we’re only now learning the shape of them, “A toxic waste site in Berlin, New Hampshire continues to leak mercury into the Androscoggin River… The […]

Live Chlorine-Free Or Die? Super-Filtered Water Flowing Into NH

There’s a new trend among the water-conscious.  At least, that’s what the people at Maine-based startup Blue Reserve believe.  Avery Yale Kamila of The Portland Press Herald reports the company is offering a customers a bottle-free, super-filtered fresh water system.  The idea of going bottleless is to cut-out bisphenol-A, or BPA, a chemical found in […]

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