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Family Property Values Predict Quality Of Colleges Attended

How much does the value of your parents’ home predict where you go to college? More than one might think, economist Michael Lovenheim argues in a new working paper from the National Bureau of Economics. Until recently, mainstream assumptions gave a lot of credence to the notion that students need a lifetime of resources to […]

Have To Retake Algebra I? Bad Placement Tests May Be To Blame

On Monday the Nashua Telegraph published an article with some scary numbers: 78% of freshmen at Nashua Community College coming from Nashua public high schools require remedial coursework.  This is higher than the national community college remediation rate, which is close to 60% — and it doesn’t include those students who frequently require remediation because […]

This Week’s Essential StateImpact

In a lot of ways, Friday afternoon is the perfect time for catching-up.  It’s too early to clock out, but too late to start a big new project.  And at StateImpact, we tend to think it’s also a great time to catch you up on New Hampshire’s business and economy news.  Here’s your weekly roundup […]

Why One Reporter Says There’s No “Skills Gap” In Manufacturing, After All

First of all, if you haven’t read Lila Shapiro’s article for the Huffington Post about the “skills mismatch” (we’ve been calling it the “skills gap”) in manufacturing, you need to.  Seriously.  It’s well worth the read.  If you’d like the condensed version, however, we’re happy to provide highlights. For the past couple of weeks, we’ve […]

State Senate Weighs Tax Credits for Workforce Development

The New Hampshire Senate is considering a bill aimed at helping the Community College System reduce the so-called “skills gap.” The problem the manufacturing sector faces is that while there are numerous skilled jobs available, there aren’t enough people qualified to fill them. To help bridge that gap, the Senate bill would offer tax credits […]

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