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Aug. 1 Brings More Preventive Care For Women

On Wednesday the Affordable Care Act will require insurance companies to cover eight new preventive health services for women, with no copays. These provisions supplement a series of preventive care requirements already instituted when the ACA passed two years ago.  And while some states already require insurance plans to cover some preventive services, these requirements […]

Who Can Agree? What The Affordable Care Act Means For Business In N.H.

Nobody seems to agree on what the Affordable Care Act means for businesses, which is probably why business organizations like the state’s Business and Industry Association and Small Business Administration office haven’t commented publicly on the ruling. The Affordable Care Act requires businesses with more than 50 employees to provide health insurance, or pay penalties.  […]

Affordable Care Act: In The Eye Of The Beholder

Tomorrow, the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act will likely be handed down by the Supreme Court. There are two main pieces under consideration: the individual mandate, and Medicaid expansion. According to John Stephen, New Hampshire’s former Health and Human Services Commissioner, Medicaid expansion will cost the state an additional $1 billion over ten years. […]

SCOTUS And The Affordable Care Act: An Overview

The internet is abuzz with talk of the Affordable Care Act. Two Mondays in a row, eager newsmakers have been gearing up to pounce on a Supreme Court decision only to find it won’t be announced… just yet. With a complicated piece of legislation facing a confusing series of legal challenges, trying to understand the […]

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