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50 Years of Charity In An Uncharitable State

Tonight, the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation celebrates its 50th year in operation. NHCF has staff in each region of the state, and raises funds from individuals, organizations and corporations, making approximately $30 million in nonprofit grants and scholarships annually. But the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation may have to work a little harder than other state-wide […]

This Week’s Essential StateImpact

The five hottest items on StateImpact this week are: Pension Reform: Some Myth-Busters To Follow The Stalemate Defined Benefit vs. Defined Contribution funds: what’s what, and what’s better? Find answers here. Concord, N.H. Super-Strong Economy? Last week Concord, N.H. was listed as the nation’s strongest “micropolitan” economy — but don’t look too close at those […]

Ford Fiends Rejoice! 50 Classic Fords Up For Auction This Weekend

Like a lot of Americans, Michael Dingman stores his cars in his garage — only his garage holds 50 cars, in addition to a whole lot of other items he’s been collecting over the years. This weekend, nearly 50 of his classic Fords, including V-8 Fords, Mercurys, Lincolns and woodies go up for auction in […]

Redhook Brewery Brings On Independent Investigator For Unexplained Deadly Explosion

The Background:  As StateImpact reporter Amanda Loder reported last month, on the morning of Tuesday, April 24th, the 26-year old newlywed and father-to-be Ben Harris was “doing a routine task at the Portsmouth plant–pumping a plastic keg full of compressed air so that he could clean it.” The keg exploded, fatally wounding Harris.  The Occupational Safety and Health Administration […]

Remember Kozlowski? Turns Out A Bigger Yacht Means Higher Risk Of Corporate Fraud

In a new working paper from the National Bureau of Economic Research, economists Robert Davidson, Aiyesha Dey and Abbie J. Smith have drawn some intriguing conclusions about the relationship between a record of legal infractions like parking tickets, ownership of luxury goods like expensive cars, and the probability of corporate fraud and inaccurate financial reporting. […]

Baby Steps For Naturopathic Doctors In New Hampshire

Although Naturopathic Doctors (NDs) undergo virtually the same training as medical doctors, their services have not been covered by insurance companies in the state of New Hampshire. Two and a half years ago, ND Bert Mathieson was frustrated by what struck him as “discrimination flat out.” He got a sponsor for a bill that would […]

Latest Links Will Return!

Your trusty StateImpact team has (temporarily) left the building.  So our Latest Links feature is on hiatus until Thursday.  But no worries!  Our cyber-minions are holding down the fort, and will offer up choice nuggets of New Hampshire economic news until we get back! And, if you’d like to save your browser some refresh-time, subscribe […]

Dollar General Pushing For More Granite State Stores

Discount chain retailers have historically faced resistance in New Hampshire.  But as Kathleen Callahan reports for the New Hampshire Business Review, that’s not stopping Dollar General from drawing up ambitious expansion plans: “Dollar General, the nation’s largest chain of ‘small-box’ stores that has faced some resistance in expanding to communities in New Hampshire, is planning […]

Unlikely Jazz Venue Flourishing in Laconia

While we at StateImpact like to talk about trends and broad-brush movements in business and economics, occasionally it’s helpful to zoom-in and look at individual cases of business success. For example, this weekend Adam Draphco of the Laconia Daily Sun profiled Pitman’s Freight Room, which is, of all things, a jazz listening-room in the Lakes […]

It’s President’s Day At StateImpact!

As usual on holidays, we won’t be posting our morning link roundup.  But no worries!  We’ve rustled up some cool content for the day.  So do check back…and Happy Presidents’ Day!  

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