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Our ultimate goal is to be both accountable for our coverage and transparent with our audience. To that end, any StateImpact story that requires a factual correction will be updated to reflect the change, and include an “editor’s note” to say what the nature of the correction or clarification was. For example:

We reported that a student at the for-profit Kaplan University had been seeking a law degree and had not been told that participation in the program would not allow him to take the bar exam in Iowa. We should have made clear that the student was enrolled in a B.A. program in paralegal studies, not in a law degree program.

In addition, all online errors that get corrected will be tagged and aggregated on this page. Email with your requests for corrections or clarifications.

Latest Posts

Idaho Tax Collections Come In Well Above April Forecast

In the largest unexpected increase of the fiscal year, Idaho state tax collections were up 13.2 percent above projections in April. The Division of Financial Management reports tax collections totaled $483.9 million during the largest tax-collecting month of the year. DFM forecast April collections wouldn’t exceed $427.4 million.

One Idaho Investor Watches His Bet On Gold Go South

Thanks to a $29,000 investment in gold, Pocatello man Jon Norstog got a nod in the paper of record this week. Norstog’s nest egg may still shine, but since 2011 it has lost 42 percent of its value. “I thought if worst came to worst and the government brought down the world economy, I would […]

In Two Charts, The Potential Costs And Savings Of Expanded Medicaid Access In Idaho

Lawmakers are still in Boise, where they’re grappling with the education budget past their wished-for departure date. Even with the extra time, it appears the push to expand Medicaid eligibility won’t resume this session. That discussion so far has centered on potential costs and savings with and without expanded access for Idaho’s poor. Counterintuitively, county […]

Chobani Opens Twin Falls Yogurt Facility Today, But At What Cost To Taxpayers?

In November 2011, the New York-based Greek yogurt maker Chobani announced plans to build a multimillion dollar manufacturing facility in Twin Falls, Idaho, with plans to hire 400 people. Today, 13 months later, Chobani’s Twin Falls facility holds its grand opening. New numbers show the yogurt maker hired fewer people than expected, and collected more […]

The Data: Idaho Legislators’ Educational Backgrounds

Over the last couple of weeks we’ve been writing about the demographic make-up of the 2013 Idaho Legislature and how demographics can influence policy. We’ve explored lawmakers’ occupations, their ages, the male-female split, religious affiliation, and education. Then, we got this tweet: So, here’s the data.

PhDs, MDs And JDs Among Idaho Lawmakers’ Diverse Educational Backgrounds

The vast majority of Idaho legislators have a college degree. Seventy percent of Idaho’s 2013 Legislature has a bachelor’s degree or higher. U.S. Census data show 24 percent of Idaho’s general population has a bachelor’s degree or higher. Data Sources: U.S. Census Bureau, Project Vote Smart, Idaho Legislators Over the last month, StateImpact Idaho collected […]

NYC’s Mayor Bloomberg, Albertsons’ Heir Donate To Pro-Props 1, 2, 3 Campaign

We originally reported that Foster Friess donated $50,000 to Education Voters of Idaho.  He gave $25,000. Right now, the question in the mind of every Idaho journalist is: Why did New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg give $200,000 to a campaign supporting Idaho’s controversial Students Come First laws? Bloomberg is among the donors listed on […]

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