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The Data: Idaho Legislators’ Educational Backgrounds

Over the last couple of weeks we’ve been writing about the demographic make-up of the 2013 Idaho Legislature and how demographics can influence policy.

We’ve explored lawmakers’ occupations, their ages, the male-female split, religious affiliation, and education. Then, we got this tweet:

So, here’s the data.

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Highest Degree Attained
Cindy AgidiusHouse5AHigh School/Some college Wallace High School, 1976 Attended three years at University of Idaho
Eric AndersonHouse1ABachelorsBA, Political Science/Government, Eastern Washington University, 1979
Neil AndersonHouse31ABachelorsBachelors, Business, Idaho State University Associates, Mathematics, Ricks College Securities License, Series 7, New York Stock Exchange
Robert AnderstHouse12AAAAA, Business Marketing and Management, Idaho State University, 1990-1992
Ken AndrusHouse28ABachelorsGraduate Work, Brigham Young University, Idaho BS, Brigham Young University, Idaho, 1960
R. Steven BairSenate31High School/Some CollegeAttended, Ricks College Diploma, Snake River High School, 1976
Vito BarbieriHouse2AJDJD, Western State University College of Law
Linden BatemanHouse33BBachelorsBS, Political Science, Brigham Young University, 1962
Gayle BattHouse11ABachelorsBS, Agricultural Business Management, Oregon State University
Clifford BayerSenate21BachelorsBS, Biology, Boise State University, 1987 Attended, Brigham Young University- Hawaii
Scott BedkeHouse27ABachelorsBS, Finance, Brigham Young University
Maxine BellHouse25ADegreeDegree, Idaho State University AA, Library Science, College of Southern Idaho
Les BockSenate16JDJD, Hastings College of Law, University of California, San Francisco BA, University of California, Davis
Darrell BolzHouse10BMSMS, Agricultural Education, University of Idaho, 1970 BS, Agricultural Education, University of Idaho, 1966
Judy BoyleHouse9BHigh School/Some CollegeAttended, University of Idaho Attended, Boise State University Attended, Lassen Community College
Bert BrackettSenate23BachelorsBS, Agriculture, University of Idaho, 1966
Cherie Buckner-WebbSenate19MAMA, Social Work, Northwest Nazarene University BA, Management and Organizational Leadership, George Fox University Attended, University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa Attended, Boise State University
Grant BurgoyneHouse16AJDJD, University of Kansas Law School BA, University of Idaho
Dean CameronSenate27AAAA, Political Science, Ricks College, Idaho, 1984
Sue ChewHouse17BPhDPharmD, Graduate, Department of Pharmacy, University of California, San Francisco BS, Biology & Natural Resources, University of California, Berkeley
Lance ClowHouse24AMAMA, Finance/Business Administration, 1988, Idaho State University MA, Accounting/Finance, California State University, Northridge, 1974 BA, Economics, California Lutheran University, 1969
Gary CollinsHouse13BHigh SchoolGraduated, Kuna High School, 1960
Brent CraneHouse13ABachelorsBA, Political Science, Boise State University, 2005
Bart DavisSenate33JDJD, University of Idaho, 1980 BA, Brigham Young University, 1978
Thomas DayleyHouse21BMAMA, International Relations, University of Southern California, 1973 BA, Political Science/Spanish, Brigham Young University, 1971
Reed DeMordauntHouse14BMAMA, International Business, University of South Carolina MA, Middle Eastern Studies, American University, Cairo BA, Brigham Young University
Lawerence DenneyHouse9ABachelorsBS, Agricultural Economics, University of Idaho, 1970
Branden DurstSenate18MAMPA, Public Policy & Administration, Boise State University, 2007 BA, Political Science, Pacific Lutheran University, 2003 Graduate Student, International Political Economy, Claremont Graduate University Graduate Student, Public Policy Analysis, Kent State University
Mathew ErpeldingHouse19AMAMA, Adult Education and Organizational Learning, University of Idaho, Boise BA, Psychology, Idaho State University, 1997
George EskridgeHouse1BBachelorsBS, Business Administration, University of Montana, 1971
Russell FulcherSenate22JD/MBADegree, Electrical Engineering, Micron University, 1993 MBA, Business Administration, Boise State University, 1988 BBA, Business Administration, Boise State University, 1984
John GannonHouse17AJDJD, Hastings College of Law, University of California BA, University of California, Davis
Terry GestrinHouse8ABachelorsIdaho State University, Finance
Marc GibbsHouse32ABachelorsBA, Finance, Utah State University
John GoeddeSenate4BachelorsBA, Hotel & Restaurant Administration, Washington State University, 1972
Jim GuthrieSenate28High School/Some CollegeGraduated, Marsh Valley High School
Marv HagedornSenate14High School/Some CollegeCourses at University of Maryland & Pensacola Jr. College Graduated, Potlatch Jr./Sr High School
Douglas Hancey Jr.House34ABachelors BA, Accounting BYU
Lenore Hardy BarrettHouse8BBachelorsBS, Biology, Oklahoma Baptist University, 1956
Steven HarrisHouse21AMastersMS, Technology Management, Brigham Young University
Stephen HartgenHouse24BPhDPhD, American history, University of Minnesota MA, American History, Brandeis University BA, History, Amherst College
Lee HeiderSenate24MAMA, Public Administration, Ball State University BA, Youth Leadership, Brigham Young University
Frank HendersonHouse3BHigh School/Some CollegeAttended, University of Idaho, 1943
Holli High WoodingsHouse19BBachelorsBA, English, Boise State University
Brent HillSenate34BachelorsBS, Accounting, Utah State University, 1973 AA, Ricks College
Brandon HixonHouse10ADegree CertificateAttended, Boise State University, 2003-2004 Certificate, Construction Management, Idaho State University, 2000-2002 Graduated, Salmon High School 2000
James HoltzclawHouse20BBachelorsBA, Management, George Fox University
Wendy HormanHouse30BBachelors BA Political Science BYU-Idaho AS, Dixie State College
Dan JohnsonSenate6MAMasters, Forest Economics, Virginia Tech, 1991 Bachelors, Forest Management, University of Idaho, 1989
Clark KauffmanHouse25BHigh SchoolFiler High School
Shawn A. KeoughSenate1High School /Some CollegeAttended, Business Management, Lewis Clark State College Attended, North Idaho College
Phylis KingHouse18BBachelorsAttended, Art Center College of Design, 1982 BS, Microbiology, Colorado State University, 1968
Hy KlocHouse16BBachelorsBS, Marketing Management/Business Education, Western Michigan University, 1970
Roy LaceySenate29High School/Some CollegeAttended, Idaho State University
Todd LakeySenate12 JDBS, International Business, Brigham Young University JD, Lewis and Clark Northwestern School of Law
Patti Anne LodgeSenate11BachelorsBA, Marylhurst University, 1964 Attended, Boise State University Attended, Idaho State University Attended, Northwest Nazarene University Attended, University of Idaho
Tom LoertscherHouse32BBachelorsBS, Accounting, University of Utah
Lynn LukerHouse15AJDJD, University of Idaho, 1980 BS, Political Science, University of California, Berkeley, 1977
Luke MalekHouse4AJDJD, College of Law, University of Idaho Bachelors, College of Idaho, Caldwell, Idaho
Fred MartinSenate15High School/Some CollegeAttended, Ricks College (now Brigham Young University-Idaho) Attended, Institute of Religion, Utah State University Attended, Idaho State University
Curt McKenzieSenate13JDJD, Georgetown University, 1995 BA, Northwest Nazarene University, 1992
Shannon McMillanHouse7AHigh School/Some CollegeAttended, Business Administration, East Kootenay Community College, 1979-1980
Carolyn MelineHouse29AHigh School/Some CollegeAttended Colordado Women's College, Rupert High School
Ron MendiveHouse3AHigh School/Some CollegeKellogg High School/Attended North Idaho College
Steve MillerHouse26ABachelors BA, Ag Engineering, University of Idaho
Jason MonksHouse22BBachelorsBS, Health Sciences, Brigham Young University
Ed MorseHouse2BMBA/JD MBA from University of Idaho JD, Gonzaga University
Dean MortimerSenate30MAMA, Business Administration, Utah State University BA, Speech, Utah State University AA, Ricks College
Mike MoyleHouse14AHigh School/Some CollegeAttended, Brigham Young University Graduated, Meridian High School, 1983
Pete NielsenHouse23BHigh School/Some CollegeAttended, Brigham Young University Attended, Idaho State University
Bob NoniniSenate3High School/Some CollegeAttended, North Idaho College, 1982-1983
Sheryl NuxollSenate7BachelorsBachelors, Gonzaga University, 1973 Certificate, Public Accountant
Kelley PackerHouse28BAAGraduated Marsh Valley High School Associate of Arts Degree, Business Management, American Intercontinental University
Joe PalmerHouse20AVoTech Degree Vocational-Technical Degree, Boise State University Attended, Ricks College
Jim PatrickSenate25BachelorsBS, Agricultural Business Management/Agricultural Economics, University of Idaho, 1968
Mark PattersonHouse15BHigh School/Some CollegeUnknown
Monty PearceSenate9BachelorsBA, Brigham Young University AA, Ricks College
Donna PenceHouse26BMAMA, Physics Education, Idaho State University, 1966 BS, Education, University of Idaho, 1964
Christy PerryHouse11BMAMA, Master's Program in Public Administration, Boise State University BA, Political Science, Boise State University, 2009
Dell RaybouldHouse34BHigh School DiplomaAttended, Ricks College, 1954
Jim RiceSenate10JDJD, William Howard Taft University BA, Brigham Young University Graduated, Melba High School
Shirley RingoHouse5BMAMAT, Mathematics, Washington State University, 1965 BA, Mathematics, Washington State University, 1962
Paul RomrellHouse35BDegree CertificateGraduate, South Fremont High School Internship, Medical Lab and X-Ray Technology, Idaho Falls Latter-day Saints Hospital Certificate, Public Administration Microbiology, Ricks Collge
John RuscheHouse6BMDMD, Washington University School of Medicine, Saint Louis, 1977 BS, Chemical Engineering, University of Notre Dame, 1973
Dan SchmidtSenate5MDMD, University of Washington School of Medicine, 1986 Bachelors, Human Biology/Anthropology, Stanford University, 1976
Paul ShepherdHouse7BHigh School/Some CollegeAttended, Boise Junior College
Jeff SiddowaySenate35High School/Some CollegeAttended, University of Idaho
Kathleen SimsHouse4BAAAssociates, Art, Accounting, North Idaho Junior College
Elaine SmithHouse29BBachelorsBA, Education-History, Idaho State University
Michelle StennettSenate26BachelorsBA, Latin Studies and International Relations
Thyra StevensonHouse6APhDPhD, Latin American Literature, University of Washington Masters, Spanish Literature, New York University, Madrid, Spain Certificate, Spanish, University of Madrid, Spain BA, English/Spanish, Boston University
Steven ThaynSenate8BachelorsCertificate, Teaching, Boise State University Bachelors, Political Science, Boise State University Graduated, Dairy Herdsman, Utah State University
Jeff ThompsonHouse30AMAAttending, MBA, Liberty University MA, Human Resource Training and Development, Idaho State University, 2006 BS, Business/Finance, Liberty University, 1986
John TippetsSenate32MAMA, Human Resource Management, Utah State University BA, Independent Studies, Brigham Young University
Janet TrujilloHouse33AUnknown
Julie Van OrdenHouse31BHigh School/Some CollegeAttended, Idaho States University Technical School Attended, College of Southern Idaho
John Vander WoudeHouse22AHigh School DiplomaDiploma, High School
Steve VickSenate2BachelorsBS, Montana State University, 1979
Janie Ward-EngelkingHouse18AMAMA, Boise State University BS, Idaho State University Attended, Whittier College
Elliot WerkSenate17BachelorsPostgraduate Work, Organic Chemistry, Harvard University Graduate Work, University of Arizona BS, Geology, Sonoma State University
Rich WillsHouse23AHigh SchoolGraduated, Nampa High School
Chuck WinderSenate20BachelorsBachelor's, Political Science/Pre-Law, College of Idaho
Fred WoodHouse27BMDMD, Tulane University BS, Tulane University Attended, Georgia Military Academy, 1964
JoAn E. WoodHouse35AHigh School Diploma Diploma, Ririe High School
Rick YoungbloodHouse12BSome CollegeAdvanced Diploma, American Institute of Banking Northwest Agricultral Credit School, Washing State University (2 year program) Pacific Coast Banking School, University of Washington

Source: Project Vote Smart, Idaho Legislature, Legislator Interviews

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This information was collected from the Idaho Legislature’s website, Project Vote Smart, and through interviews with Idaho legislators.

*The above table has been updated to reflect the fact that Rep. Mark Patterson didn’t graduated from USC, as was originally reported.


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