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Who Are Idaho’s Legislators? A Demographic Breakdown Of The 2013 Legislature

The lawmakers that make up Idaho’s 2013 state Legislature are older, more educated, more male and more Mormon than the population of Idaho as a whole. That’s according to demographic data collected by StateImpact Idaho. You can check out the data in the infographic below. For context on what it means to have these demographic differences between Idaho’s population and its legislators, read our posts on gender, age, education, religion and occupation.

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  • Edward Caine

    I agree with your statements overall, but your numbers are misleading (consider for instance, that people age 0 – 18 cannot run for an office so they will not be reflective in the legislator population). Additionally, It would be nice to know the source of your data so I can research the numbers further.

    • Emilie Ritter Saunders

      Thanks for the feedback Edward. The data sources are listed at the bottom of the infographic and include NCSL, Census, Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life, Project Vote Smart, Idaho Legislature, and data collected by StateImpact Idaho.

  • Todd Inman

    And the purpose of this information is what? These are people who were elected by the state’s voters. Is there a problem with those in office?

    • joewertz

      Never hurts to know more about one’s elected officials, right?

  • joewertz

    Great graphic!

  • E1Chupacabra

    More evidence that our political divide in this country is generational. The Boomers continue to eve the most selfish generation.

  • Ralph Delgado

    So we need more 7 year old girls as legislators. Interesting but totally irrelevant statistics.

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