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Idaho Had Sixth Highest Teen Unemployment Rate Among States Last Year

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McDonald's manager Christine Ruiz interviews job applicant Antonio Rodriguez during a one-day hiring event at a McDonald's restaurant on April 19, 2011 in San Francisco, California.

New data released this week from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows Idaho’s teen unemployment rate was among the highest in the country last year.  Preliminary 2011 data on employment status by state and demographic group breaks down the jobless rate between sexes, age groups and race.

Idaho’s teen (16-19 years old) unemployment rate in 2011 was 29.9 percent.  Three of Idaho’s neighboring states are also ranked among the ten states with the highest teen jobless rate, Nevada, Washington and Oregon.

2011 Teen Unemployment Rate
3North Carolina32%
9Rhode Island29%
10Tennessee 28.8%

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics

* The District of Columbia had the highest teen jobless rate in 2011 at 46.7%

This table presents preliminary data on employment status by demographic group for States from the Current Population Survey (CPS). It is being made available prior to the more involved work on producing a final table using the standard procedure. This table will differ from the final table in a number of ways, but it is expected that the data—particularly for labor force participation rates, employment-population ratios, and unemployment rates—will be little changed. – BLS

Do you know a teenager looking for work?  What kind of job did you land as a teen?


  • I worked at Target in my teenage years. When I go to the store now though I see a lot of those part-time positions are taken by adults and college students instead of high schoolers.

  • Anonymous

    I scooped ice cream at a local ice cream parlor. The shop doesn’t exist anymore, but it was a great summer job!

    • SD

      How much were you making and when was this?

      • I was making minimum wage, which I believe was under $7.00 at the time. This would have been in 2003.

  • When I was a teen I had no problem finding a summer job, but back then California wasn’t overrun with illegal aliens taking the kind of jobs a teen could do.

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