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Idaho Tax Protester Introduces Gold and Silver Currency Bill

Idaho Legislature / State of Idaho

Rep. Phil Hart (R- Athol) wants gold and silver coin to be an alternative to paper money, formally known as Federal Reserve Notes.  Hart, who is currently being sued by the federal government for unpaid taxes, wants gold and silver currency exempt from tax.  He’s titled the bill the ‘Idaho Constitutional Money Act of 2012′.

Here’s the statement of purpose for Hart’s House Bill 430:

[legislator leg_id=IDL000063 align=right]

This legislation provides for the use of gold and silver coin as legal tender in the state of Idaho as an alternative to the Federal Reserve Notes that currently circulate as our only currency. The legislation allows for the legal and voluntary use of such gold and silver coins should the parties of a transaction agree that their business shall be handled in such manner. The legislation identifies Article I, section 10, clause 1 of the United State Constitution as established authority for a state to conduct business in such a manner.

The legislation also exempts gold and silver coins that have been declared to be legal tender by the laws of the United State from being subject to taxation due to their use or as a result of their ownership.

A similar measure failed to make it out of committee last session.  Rep. Hart’s version is heading for second reading in the House.  You can read the full bill text here.


  • jl

    Has this man introduced any legislation, ever, that helps to common family in Idaho, or is he just living off our taxes, which he refuses to pay?

  • Pam Stout

    After disallowing Phil’s business deductions the IRS has sued for over $700,000. Phil’s gross income was only approximately $400,000. He has paid his taxes and they just want more. His original fight with the IRS was done to protect the little guys like you and me. Don’t believe all you read – check out and find out the truth.

    • Sophie Maele

      Pam – You are expecting logic from leftists. Don’t bother. They are too hate filled to think and can only react emotionally to what their handlers tell them to believe.

  • Charles Savoie

    At Silver Investor in 2004 (“China’s Empty Silver Vault”) I reported that Idaho Senator Mike Crapo was getting funded by the NYMEX PAC (owns COMEX). The 17th Amendment allowing for direct election of Senators was a major attack against sound money and the middle class by The Pilgrims Society, who are the apex silver suppressors in history. There are many metals sites for longs yet they refuse to allow mention of The Pilgrims Society. Ask them why they don’t get it that the President is in their vest pocket, he can order your metals nationalized at a low price, and these sites regard that as too unimportant to mention

    In September 2009 GATA raved that it got the FED to disclose gold swap arrangements with other central banks yet I reported this exact same situation in March 2007 referencing the front page of the September 25, 1931 New York Times. This info has been out there a LONG time I did get there before GATA It was again disclosed on April 22, 1963 at a speech to the Economic Club of New York. These people rigging the metals markets are Pilgrims Society members and GATA sees this as unimportant (not that they are even able to understand it). Same goes for Silver Doctors and Gold Eagle. I receive no compensation for finding facts and presenting them so cannot be suspected of financial gain motive, I want to protect your property rights and these sites refuse to help.

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