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Madsen Responds to Dem’s Resignation Call

Idaho Department of Labor

Roger Madsen, Director, Idaho Department of Labor

Department of Labor Director Roger Madsen has been feeling some heat since Tuesday, when he voiced his opposition to the further extension of federal unemployment insurance benefits.  On Wednesday, Idaho Democratic Party Chairman Larry Grant called for Madsen’s resignation in a statement guaranteed to raise hackles.  Grant’s statement read, in part, “Madsen is advocating for the one percent (as all R’s do). It is actions by the one percent, such as these, that threw workers from the 99 percent into unemployment in the first place.”

This morning Director Madsen issued a statement of his own, restating his commitment to strengthening the state’s unemployment insurance program.  “We are not Democrats or Republicans at the Idaho Department of Labor,” he said.  “We respect all Idahoans including the employed, the unemployed and the state’s business owners.”


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