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Miami-Dade Schools Eliminating Out-Of-School Suspensions

Miami-Dade County Public Schools plan to eliminate out-of-school suspensions this year, preferring to keep kids in class and address behavior problems. School districts around the country have made similar decisions because research and experience shows suspended students often find more trouble outside of school while on suspension. That can mean more neighborhood crime – and […]

About That Charter School Funding Study…

A recent University of Arkansas Department of Education Reform report concluded charter schools receive less funding than traditional public schools across the country. But that study only looked at revenue, argues Rutgers University researcher Bruce Baker in a new National Education Policy Center review, and ignores the complex financial relationships between school districts and charter […]

Florida Private Schools Team Up To Create A School Emergency Plan

Private schools in Florida are coming together to share their resources in case of a school emergency. Dana Markham is the president of Pine Crest School in Fort Lauderdale. She says private, independent schools don’t have a support network the way public schools do. Public middle and high schools, for example, share School Resource Officers […]

Being A School Bus Driver Can Be Minimum Wage Work With Big Responsibilities

Driver Gwendolyn Tillman doesn’t usually get between students fighting on the school bus. “Usually if there are some other guys on the bus and the guys have respect for the bus drivers, the other young men on the bus will pull them apart,” Tillman said. If nobody pulls the kids apart, bus drivers are instructed […]

Pasco Considers Four-Day School Week

Pasco County is considering a four-day school week next year to save about $3.5 million, the St. Petersburg Times reports. Bus drivers and cafeteria workers would lose one day of work a week. Teachers would no longer be paid for five lunch breaks each week. A 33-member task force will decide whether to recommend shortening […]

How Florida Schools Are Coping With Budget Cuts

Seminole County could turn classroom thermostats all the way up and athletes may have to pay to wear their school’s uniform. The wife of a Polk County Tea Party congressman led a failed effort to raise money for college counselors whose positions were eliminated. Many students can no longer walk to catch the bus after […]

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