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Study: Schools And Colleges Are Teaching The Wrong Type Of Math

Community college students are needlessly assigned to remedial math classes to learn lessons they won’t use during their studies, according to new research from a Washington, D.C. group. And the study also found that many high school graduates are not learning subjects they will need to use in their careers. The study was produced by […]

Why The Florida Senate Wants To Change College Remedial Course Requirements

Shakira Lockett always got pretty good grades in school. That’s why she was surprised to find out she had failed her college placement exam at Miami Dade College. Lockett spent a year a half taking remedial classes in reading, writing and math before she could start earning credits toward a degree. She finished her studies […]

Report: College Remedial System Needs A Major Overhaul

A new report says college remedial education programs are not working, often have no bearing on a student’s field of study and should be scrapped. Instead, researchers from Complete College America argue, most students should have to take a set of core classes to prepare them for college. These courses should match up with the […]

13th Grade: Explaining the Postsecondary Education Readiness Test

Along with our partners at the Florida Center for Investigative reporting, we’ve been telling you about the growing need for remedial courses at Florida’s state colleges. Students are required to take remedial courses because of their scores on PERT — the Postsecondary Education Readiness Test. The test is given to high school students to determine […]

13th Grade: Adding Up The Cost Of Remedial College Courses

Students and Florida taxpayers pay a price for remedial education in several ways From 2004 to 2011, Florida’s remedial education costs for both students and schools ballooned from $118 million to $168 million. At the same time, state college funding has declined $544 million since 2007, causing tuition increases and creating a greater need for […]

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