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Schools A Big Reason Florida Falls In National Business Ranking

Florida schools helped contribute to the state dropping 11 spots in a national ranking of business-friendly states. The state ranked 42nd in education, according to the CNBC analysis. That’s down from number 35 in 2011. CNBC looked at test scores, class size and spending on K-12 education. They also considered the number of higher education […]

Florida Outpaces Nation In Hispanic Graduates

Florida’s Hispanic students are more likely to graduate high school than most states, according to a new report from Education Week. Education Week looked at data from 2009. The report, Diplomas Count 2012, finds that Florida’s Hispanic graduation rate is 9.6 percentage points higher than the national average and ranks second in the nation. Florida’s […]

Comparing Florida High School Rankings

U.S.News & World Report just released its most recent list of high school rankings. Seven Florida high school’s ranked among the nation’s top 50. But we thought it might be interesting to see how U.S. News’ ranking compared to the rankings the Florida Department of Education released last year. A handful of schools showed a […]

University of Miami Reports Highest Florida Professor Pay

The University of Miami has the highest-paid professors among Florida’s universities and colleges, according to data complied by the Chronicle of Higher Education. Hurricane instructors are paid an average of $140,800 for the 2011-2012 school year. More interesting is the number two school on the list: The University of South Florida Polytechnic. Professors at the […]

Florida Is the 8th-Friendliest State For Charter Schools, Report Says

Florida ranks eighth in the nation for laws which promote innovation, equal funding and ease of expansion of charter schools, according to a ranking from the Washington, D.C.-based Center for Education Reform. That moves Florida up two places from last year’s report as the Sunshine State improved its score slightly. Among the short-comings in the […]

Feedback Loop: Readers Give Failing Marks To Parent Grades, School Rankings

Rep. Kelli Stargel, R-Lakeland, wants to grade parents, but readers gave her idea failing marks. Dirhart argues grading parents does nothing but generate ill will: This is a total waste of time, and will just lead to more teacher bashing.  Yes, many parents are not doing a good job.  There is little we can really […]

Who Tops Florida’s School Rankings?

Schools in Brevard, Miami-Dade and Okaloosa counties were the top rated elementary, middle and high schools, respectively, according to a school rankings the Florida Department of Education released Monday. The agency followed up on its evaluation of state school districts by ranking all 3,078 schools from first to worst. Local school officials have criticized the […]

Digging Deeper On Florida’s New District Rankings

The folks at the Jacksonville Public Education Fund have a terrific post on their blog that adds some context to Florida’s controversial new district rankings. School officials have criticized the rankings as a simplistic measure considering only Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test scores, and ignoring a district’s size, relative wealth and other underlying factors. The Jacksonville […]

Florida Department of Education Offers No Details on New School Rankings

Last week we noted a Fortune story including an anecdote about Gov. Rick Scott wanting to rank every Florida public school from best to worst. Intrigued, we asked the Department of Education about Scott’s request. Is this something the agency is just studying? When will the first rankings be released? What’s the methodology? Will the […]

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