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Union Says Eliminating Pension Will Cut Teachers’ Annual Retirement Income By $8,400

While the Easter Bunny is delivering festive eggs this week, the Florida Education Association said lawmakers are trying to take a chunk out of teachers’ nest eggs. The teacher’s union held a news conference in Tallahassee blasting state leaders for trying to impose “changes to the pension system that guarantee retirement insecurity.” The Florida Legislature […]

ALEC Posts Library Of Pre-Written Legislation

Depending on your viewpoint, the American Legislative Exchange Council is either a forum for lawmakers to discuss conservative-minded legislation or a secretive organization leading the charge to privatize public education. But the group is a little less secretive Friday after posting hundreds of pieces of “model legislation” online. The bills are templates lawmakers can adapt […]

Teachers Union Responds To Supreme Court’s Pension Ruling

Teachers and other state workers will have to continue contributing 3 percent of their salary to their retirement. The Florida Supreme Court ruled Thursday that the pension law passed by the Legislature in 2011 will stand. Now, the state teachers union is blasting lawmakers for imposing what it calls a tax on working families. The […]

What The Florida Supreme Court Pension Decision Could Mean For Merit Pay Lawsuit

In 2011 lawmakers approved a law requiring public employees — including teachers — pay 3 percent of their salary into their retirement account. Public employee unions challenged the law, arguing it unconstitutionally changes a contract with workers and violates workers’ right to collectively bargain pay and benefits. A circuit court overturned the law, but Thursday […]

Why Florida Earned A B- On A National Education Policy Report Card

California-based StudentsFirst has released a report card grading states on their education policy. Florida earned the second-highest grade in the country, a B-, behind only Louisiana. No state earned an A. The biggest reason Florida scored well? The 2011 Students Success Act, which requires teacher evaluations partially based on test scores, eliminates long-term contracts for […]

Feedback Loop: Writing About Reading Requirements

Students will find out in June if they’ll be required to take an extra hour of reading instruction next school year because of low Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test. But we didn’t have to wait long to get your reaction to the new law. Jose likes the idea, citing the benefits of additional class time in […]

Pension Case Moves Directly To Florida Supreme Court

Editor’s note: This post was written by WLRN reporter Tasnim Shamma. The Florida Supreme Court accepted a public pension case last week that challenges a law passed in July that requires public employees to contribute 3 percent of their paychecks toward their retirement. The Florida Education Association says this is unconstitutional and has been fighting […]

Pension, Voucher Lawsuits Head to Court This Week

The Florida Education Association sends a helpful reminder that two lawsuits they filed are heading to Circuit Court in Tallahassee this week. The first case challenges a new state law which requires state employees take a 3 percent pay cut in order to pay a portion of their pension benefits. The suit argues the law […]

Teachers Believe Income Is Out of Their Hands

First grade teacher Elton Wright feels powerless. He and his wife, also a teacher, are absorbing a 3 percent cut in pay required earlier this year by the Florida Legislature. “People are angry,” said Wright, who teaches at Eagle’s Nest Elementary School in Orange County. “They feel as though this was forced on them. There […]

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