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Schools A Top Priority For Florida’s Senate President

If Don Gaetz gives you a task, he will make sure you get it done. That’s how Cindy Frakes remembers Gaetz, whom she worked with in the Okaloosa County schools. Gaetz was the superintendent then, in the early 2000s. Frakes was, and still is, a member of the school board. Gaetz kept a list, Frakes […]

Grades Are In For Florida’s Lawmakers

The grades are in, and 17 Florida lawmakers were named to the honor roll on the Foundation for Florida’s Future 2012 report card. The foundation was started by former Gov. Jeb Bush, and graded lawmakers based on their votes for a handful of bills. The group supports raising standards for students, holding teachers and schools […]

Wrapping Up Education Bills In The 2012 Florida Legislative Session

The big school issue was the budget, and Gov. Rick Scott threw out a challenge early on — add $1 billion to K-12 funding or risk a veto. Lawmakers hit that target, though schools say the new money won’t make up for rising enrollment and past budget cuts. Here’s a wrap-up on the other big […]

Florida Senate To Decide Whether To Pull Parent Trigger

The parent trigger debate could reach its conclusion today, with the Senate scheduled to vote of the bill. The vote is expected to be very close, and supporters and opponents have stepped up their efforts this week. A StateImpact Florida reader says she got a phone call yesterday urging her to call Sen. Ronda Storms […]

Should Florida Charter Schools Receive Equal Funding?

Charter schools receive about 70 cents for every dollar budgeted to a traditional district schools, per student, according to a new analysis from Florida TaxWatch. Florida TaxWatch argues a handful of changes could eliminate the disparity, including requiring school districts to share local money for buildings and repairs and allowing charter schools to be their […]

Explaining Florida’s ‘Parent Trigger’

The so-called “parent trigger” bill is expected to be the most controversial piece of education legislation in Tallahassee this year. House and Senate panels gave initial approval to the proposals, HB 1191 and SB 1718, yesterday. But what does a “parent trigger” do? And how does this bill work? And why do people support and […]

Why Florida Is Not Likely to Pick A Fight With Unions This Year

What a difference an election can make. Last year Legislatures across the country — buoyed by a Tea Party sweep in 2010 elections — challenged teachers and other public employee unions over their ability to collectively bargain pay and other benefits. Florida Gov. Rick Scott wanted to limit collective bargaining in his initial 20-page education plan. […]

Why Floridians Should Pay Attention to Ohio’s Issue 2 Vote

Ohio voters head to the polls Tuesday to vote on a law limiting public employees’ collective bargaining rights, including teachers. Florida residents might want to keep their eyes on that decision. Gov. Rick Scott and allies such as Patricia Levesque of the Foundation for Florida’s Future have made no secret of the fact that they […]

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