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Florida Senate To Decide Whether To Pull Parent Trigger

The Florida Senate

Opponents of the parent trigger have urged constituents to call Sen. Ronda Storms.

The parent trigger debate could reach its conclusion today, with the Senate scheduled to vote of the bill.

The vote is expected to be very close, and supporters and opponents have stepped up their efforts this week.

A StateImpact Florida reader says she got a phone call yesterday urging her to call Sen. Ronda Storms and tell her to vote against the bill. The general tone of the call was that Darth Vader was attempting to takeover Florida schools through the proposed parent trigger legislation, she says.

Tampa Bay-area Republicans, such as Storms and Sen. Mike Fasano, have been central to the opposition lobbying efforts. Fasano has said he’s on the fence about the bill.

Florida parent groups, including the PTA, argue that Republican leadership has strong-armed the debate and not allowed them to speak against the bill at public hearings.

Supporters have also weighed in.

California-based Parent Revolution has been sending several press releases a day announcing people who support the parent trigger legislation. Many of them are Democrats, but few have been from Florida.

The Foundation for Florida’s Future has also been involved in the public relations campaign (and used the battle to raise money). And former D.C. schools chancellor Michelle Rhee and her California-based Students First group have been making the rounds.

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