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Why Higher Education Is More Difficult For Veterans

When a high school senior is deciding which college to attend, he or she has an army of people ready to help. Parents. Guidance counselors. College admission officers. Friends. Most all of them have been through the process already. But veterans say things are different for them. And despite one of the most attractive benefits […]

An Easier Way to Compare College Financial Aid Awards

Shopping for college may have gotten easier. More than 500 colleges and universities in the country have agreed to standardize their award letters to allow students to compare financial aid packages more easily. The goal of the Financial Aid Shopping Sheet is to help students make more informed decision on where to attend school by providing a […]

How Schools Are Encouraging Students To Eat Healthier

The United States Department of Agriculture says school meals play a critical role in helping children learn how to lead healthy lifestyles. As federal guidelines shift toward healthier fare in school lunches, entrees that are bland and unseasoned won’t do the trick. Leon County Schools Nutrition Services Director Cathy Reed says many schools have gardens […]

Why Florida’s New Lunch Requirements Limit Fat And Calories

Florida and other states are phasing in new standards for school lunches. Fat and calories are being reduced as more fruits and vegetables are offered. The National School Lunch Program requirements stem from the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010, which focuses on improving child nutrition. Starting this school year (2012‐2013), school lunches have new […]

A Fruit Or Vegetable On Every Plate Whether Students Want It Or Not

“I hate them.” “They’re disgusting.” These sentiments are from elementary students around Tallahassee who aren’t fans of their school’s vegetables. “I cannot think that they’re actually real.” “Our vegetables don’t taste real and they look like green spaghetti.” Fortunately, not all of their peers agree. Today, kids at Ruediger Elementary School are getting broccoli and […]

Undocumented Immigrant Students Line Up To Apply For Temporary Status

More than 140,000 Florida undocumented students can now apply for a temporary work visa and a stay from deportation. Both are part of a new federal initiative which makes its easier for young immigrants to remain in the United States legally. President Barack Obama ordered the change a year and a half after the failure […]

What Paul Ryan’s Budget Would Mean For College Aid And Schools

Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney has chosen U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin as his running mate. And with Ryan will come plenty of debate about his federal budget proposal. So it’s worth revisiting a piece we wrote in April, looking at how Democrats were working to politicize cuts to federal college aid included […]

Federal Report Says Charter Schools Enroll Fewer Students With Disabilities

Charter schools enroll fewer students with disabilities than traditional public schools, according to a new U.S. Government Accountability Office report. The report’s conclusions echo our investigative story from last year that found 86 percent of Florida charter schools do not enroll any children with profound disabilities — compared to more than half of district schools […]

Why It’s Harder for College Students to Get Financial Aid This Summer

College students  who need to go to summer school have few choices for grants and scholarships. And their options just shrank. The federal government is no longer giving out a need-based Pell Grant to help students pay for summer tuition. And the replacement is more loans. Senior Courtney Johnson has taken summer courses at Florida International […]

New Website Explains Just How Much That College Diploma Will Cost

So you’ve got a list of colleges offering scholarships, grants and all kinds of other perks and you’re trying to figure out the best deal? The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has set up a new website to help college-bound students and their parents estimate just how much that degree will cost — and how much […]

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