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Florida 12th Graders Trail Nation In Math And Are Average In Reading

Florida high school seniors performed below the national average on a nationwide math exam and nearly matched the national average on a reading exam, according to new National Assessment of Educational Progress results released Wednesday. Just 19 percent of Florida 12th graders were considered “proficient” on the 2013 math exam, according to test results. NAEP […]

Florida High School Graduation Rates Continue to Rise

Florida’s high school graduation rate increased for the seventh consecutive year, according to new data from the Florida Department of Education. The percentage of students earning a high school diploma increased to 75.6 percent during the 2012-2013 school year, up from 74.5 percent the previous year. Graduation rates improved for every racial subgroup, except Asian-Americans, […]

Inside Florida’s Graduation Rate: Comparing Student Groups

This chart uses new federal graduation rate data to compare Florida to other states. We chose California, another large state with a diverse population, neighboring Georgia and Iowa, the state with the highest overall graduation rate. The federal data breaks down rates among subgroups, both by race and by issues such as disabilities, English knowledge […]

State Analysis Says Florida Charters Perform Better Than Traditional Schools

Here’s more fuel for the fire in the charter school debate. Student achievement data compiled by the Florida Department of Education suggests charter students are performing better than their peers in traditional schools. That goes against research by Dr. Stanley Smith, a University of Central Florida business professor. He found that charters perform worse than […]

Florida PTA Asks State Board of Education To Reconsider Race-Based Plan

The Florida PTA is asking the State Board of Education to reconsider a five-year plan which sets different achievement goals by race. The new goals have drawn criticism from local school officials, who argue they set a lower bar for black and Hispanic students. State officials say the race-based goals are required for Florida’s waiver […]

Race-Based Scoring Controversy Gets Attention From Lawmakers

Governor Rick Scott doesn’t like the way the State Board of Education has proposed closing the achievement gap between students. The board released a five year plan that sets different passing thresholds on the Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test (FCAT) — which vary by student race and ethnicity. The plan calls for higher passing scores among Asian […]

Duval Schools Plan Also Included Race-Based Acheivement Goals

Duval County school board members are complaining about a state plan which sets differing academic targets by race, despite approving a similar plan in August the Florida Times-Union reports. Duval County school board member Tommy Hazouri said the local plan targets were informational and not part of the district’s strategic plan. Other board members said […]

Explaining Florida’s New Race-Based Achievement Goals

The State Board of Education is taking criticism for a new five-year plan which local school officials say sets lower goals for blacks, Hispanics and other groups than for white or Asian students. But the plan also asks for more improvement from those same black and Hispanic students than their higher-performing classmates, something supporters say […]

Our Twitter Education Forum Is Happening Now

Our Twitter education forum with NPR’s Tell Me More is going on now. Follow the conversation here. Tell us about your schools. What’s working? What doesn’t? What issues are on your mind? Join the conversation at #NPRedchat. Check local listings for when you can hear the Tell Me More broadcast, featuring U.S. Secretary of Education […]

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