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Zero Tolerance May Not Extend To Pop-Tarts Under Gun Bill

Pop-Tarts chewed into the shape of a gun would not be grounds for suspension under a bill passed Thursday by the House Education Committee. The bill is supposed to cut down on the number of students arrested because of zero tolerance policies. The ‘Toaster Pastry Gun Freedom Act’ is known as the Pop-Tart bill after […]

Interview: Rethinking Zero Tolerance Discipline Policies In Florida Public Schools

In many schools, zero tolerance discipline policies dictate harsh punishment—expulsion, suspension and arrest—for breaking rules. But, as StateImpact Florida has been reporting, some districts are reconsidering zero tolerance over concerns about a rise in the number of children arrested on campus. One of those districts walking away from zero tolerance is in Broward County, where the schools formed a […]

How School Zero Tolerance Rules Turn Bad Behavior Into A Crime

Malcolm Calvert was in 7th grade when he got into an argument with his 6th grade friend on a school bus and hit him with a Tootsie Pop. 

“I hit him with it on his head,” recalls Malcolm, who was a student at Lanier James Alternative School in Hallandale Beach, Fla., when the Tootsie Pop incident happened in 2011. “They handcuffed me and took me off the school bus.”

More Hazing Allegations And Suspensions At FAMU

A dance team at Florida A&M University (FAMU) in Tallahassee has been suspended because of an alleged hazing incident off campus last weekend. FAMU Interim President Larry Robinson is putting the “zero tolerance” policy for hazing into practice. “The University takes very seriously any allegation of hazing and has moved quickly to shut the organization […]

11 for 2011: The Best Of StateImpact Florida

This was a good year for us at StateImpact Florida. We launched six months ago with the mission of becoming Florida’s source for education news and analysis brought to you by NPR and WUSF in Tampa, WLRN in Miami, and WJCT in Jacksonville. We had a few successes and learned a few lessons along the […]

Feedback Loop: A Hug by Any Other Name

When is a hug innocent or inappropriate? Administrators at Southwest Middle School in Palm Bay adopted a zero tolerance, no-hugging policy so school officials would not have to differentiate. But, that policy resulted in the in-school suspension of two Florida middle school students for hugging even though the principal said it appeared innocent. Zero tolerance […]

Two Florida Middle School Students Suspended For A Hug

A hug is as popular as a handshake in the South.  We greet friends and family with a hug. We bid farewell with a hug. Just tell your kids not to do it in school. Two Brevard County middle school students received a day long, in-school suspension last week after the principal saw them hugging. […]

Could Florida Benefit From Federal School Discipline Study?

Federal officials are concerned too many disruptive students are winding up in the juvenile justice system — and therefore not completing their education, according to Education Week‘s Politics K-12 blog. U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan describes what he saw leading Chicago schools: “A small group of principals were calling the police too often to […]