Putting Education Reform To The Test

Read the Florida House of Representatives’ Big Charter School Bill

Terry McCombs / Flickr

A Florida House of Representatives bill would allow charter school to take over empty school district buildings.

Yesterday the House Education Choice and Innovation subcommittee approved a 36-page bill that makes it easier for charter schools to expand.

The bill adds more restrictions to closed charter schools and requires charter schools to post their board, management firm and some spending online.

The bill also requires school districts to turn over empty buildings formerly used for K-12 education to charter schools at no cost. Charter schools must pay for maintenance or reimburse the school district for the cost.

We’ve annotated key sections of the bill below. The bill is a committee bill, and you can track all of the Choice and Innovation subcommittee bills here. You can find all the bills referred to the Education Committee here (choose Education under the “Referred to” dropdown menu).



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