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Little Lynn University Ready For Big Presidential Debate


Lynn University's Wold Performing Arts Center will host the final presidential debate of 2012.

The presidential candidates are heading to Boca Raton, FL. President Barack Obama (D) and Gov. Mitt Romney (R) will face off at Lynn University tonight for their third and final debate.

The number of reporters covering the event tonight will likely far exceed the number of students enrolled at Lynn.

This small, private institution in southeast Florida has a total student population of approximately 2,100. Students hail from 44 states and 78 countries. The student-faculty ratio is 16:1.

Even with small classes, Lynn is among five private colleges in Florida that were recently cited for low graduation rates.

Some interesting facts about Lynn:

  • The Lynn campus had seven freshwater lakes, but one was filled to accommodate the school’s debate-hosting duties.
  • The debate will take place inside Lynn’s 750-seat Wold Performing Arts Center. Two years ago, the Wold Center hosted a mid-term election debate between Allen West (R) and Ron Klein (D) for Congress.
  • Lynn University lost four students and two faculty members who had traveled to Haiti in January 2010 to perform community service. They arrived just before an earthquake devastated the country.

The focus of tonight’s debate is foreign policy. It starts at 9:00 p.m. ET and will run for 90 minutes. The moderator is CBS’s Bob Schieffer.


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