Putting Education Reform To The Test

What Mitt Romney Said About Education On The Campaign Trail In Florida

Nicholas Kamm / AFP

Improving education was one of the five points in Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney's jobs plan during a Thursday campaign stop in Sarasota.

Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney was in Sarasota Thursday, laying out his ideas for improving the economy.

Romney’s five-point plan included an education plank.

Romney praised former Gov. Jeb Bush and borrowed a key idea. He also pledged to allow federal dollars to follow the student, which would let parents to better choose the best school for their child.

We wrote about Romney’s education plan back in May.

Here’s the transcript from the Thursday stop:

“We’re going to give our workers the skills they need to succeed and make sure our kids are getting the education they need to succeed. For that to happen it’s time for us to put the kids first, the teachers up there with them, the parents and put the teacher’s union behind.

You know in a lot of respects Florida is a model for the nation when it comes to education. Under Jeb Bush – what a terrific governor – under Jeb Bush you began grading your schools A through F so parents could see which schools were succeeding and failing.

And then if the school was failing the child was able to go from that school to a school of their choice. I will do that for the nation by saying all federal dollars in education are attached to the child and those dollars can go with the child to the school of his parents’ choice.”


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