Putting Education Reform To The Test

Survey Finds Public Supports Special Education, But With Limits

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Americans believe U.S. schools should educate students with disabilities. But they also believe there are limits to what schools should spend.

Americans overwhelmingly support educating students with disabilities, but are skeptical of the number of students classified as needing special education.

That’s according to a Fordham Institute report on school spending.

The Fordham Institute found 40 percent of new education spending between 1996 and 2005 went to special education.

Four out of five Americans believe U.S. schools have a “moral obligation” to educate students with disabilities, according to Fordham’s polling. But when presented with a hypothetical situation, the poll found a majority of respondents were willing to say the cost of educating a student with disabilities was too much.

Read the full report on slimming down school spending here.


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