Putting Education Reform To The Test

Colbert: Florida Teacher Charged With Registering Voters “Destroying America”

Last night comedian — er — conservative talk show host Stephen Colbert took on the story of Dawn Quarles, a teacher at Pace High School in the Panhandle. Quarles faces a $1,000 fine for charges she violated Florida’s new law placing strict limits on who can register voters.

Colbert declared Quarles, and other teachers, were “People Who Are Destroying America.”

Colbert’s piece clearly makes the case Quarles was trying to promote voter fraud. It also suggests high school students might jump from a second story window if they are prematurely registered to vote.

You can watch the full segment here.

Who knows what would happen if Colbert ever turned the full power of his Super PAC on Florida? He assures us it’s fully armed and operational.


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