Putting Education Reform To The Test

Business Survey Says Florida Schools Lack Adequate Funding

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Florida schools lack adequate funding, according to a survey of state business leaders.

More than 85 percent of surveyed businesspeople believe Florida does not spend enough on K-12 education, according to a survey by the Consortium of Florida Education Foundations released earlier this month.

The unscientific poll surveyed 277 members of state education funds, which the CFEF says are typically community business people.

The surveyed also showed those polled believe:

Seven in 10 thought school districts spent their money efficiently.

Two out of three do not think school districts should switch to a four-day week to save money.

Nine out of 10 would be willing to provide pro bono advice to their school district.

The survey also asked which areas school districts were most likely to get more bang for their buck. Those surveyed thought schools could save the most money with improved fiscal management, organization and facilities overhead.


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