Putting Education Reform To The Test

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You’ve found Florida’s new source for statewide education coverage. Here’s what we’re planning.

StateImpact Florida is a new project from National Public Radio and Florida public media with an emphasis on in-depth and investigative reporting.

Florida has been a leader in education reform for more than a decade and is now exporting those ideas to the rest of the nation, led by ambassadors such as former Gov. Jeb Bush. But which ideas have worked and which have not?

  • Is standardized testing really the best way to measure student performance?
  • Will paying teachers based on that testing produce better teachers and smarter students?
  • How the rising price of higher education affects who is getting into and graduating from state colleges.
  • How are schools, community colleges and universities dealing with smaller budgets and larger student rolls?

Sarah Gonzalez will be in the classroom and community, watching those policies in practice. I’ll be in the data, analyzing test results, graduation rates, budgets and contracts. StateImpact Florida will put education reform to the test.

The goal is both broadcast and online stories that gauge the impact — it’s right there in our name — of state and local education policies on students, parents, teachers, districts and the politicians and others influencing those decisions.

What education stories do you want to see? Email Miami-based reporter Sarah Gonzalez at sgonzalez@stateimpact.org or Tampa-based reporter John O’Connor at joconnor@stateimpact.org, and check out our coverage here and on NPR stations across Florida.


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