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A Weak Economy Or Inadequately Trained Workers: What’s To Blame For Joblessness?

For years now, labor economists and many of us who have felt the recession’s effects have puzzled over the U.S. jobless rate.  When will it come down, and why hasn’t it fallen more already?  One explanation is the so-called skills gap.  That’s the idea that employers are ready to hire, but they’re having a hard […]

Why One Idaho Company Is Growing Its Own Workforce

Even with thousands of Idahoans out of work, one Boise-based company can’t find enough employees.  Western States Equipment needs mechanic techs, jobs that by definition fall into the middle-skills category. About half of all Idaho jobs fall into this group: jobs like mechanics, welders, police officers, or air traffic controllers.  These are jobs where you […]

Vocational Certificates Have More Value In Idaho Than In Other States

Two-year postsecondary certificates hold more economic value in Idaho than in most other states.  That’s according to a report released today that measures the value of vocational certificates.  But, at the same time, Idaho ranks among the bottom ten U.S. states when it comes to the number of people with two-year postsecondary certificates. The report […]

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