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Boise Airport To Add Non-Stop Flight To San Diego

The Boise airport will add a new non-stop flight to its list beginning this fall. Daily, non-stop service from Boise to San Diego starts Nov. 1. Boise’s midsize airport has been hit hard by flight cuts over the last couple of years. But over the last few months, the airport has brought in a handful […]

Southwest Airline’s Direct Boise To Portland Flight Ends This Month

As StateImpact reported back in October, Southwest Airlines planned to cut its direct Boise to Portland flight this spring. As KTVB reports today, that flight cut goes into effect by mid-April. [The Boise Airport] used to be a hub-to-hub carrier, but that is changing and evolving.

Boise Loses One Direct Flight To Portland, Fear Not, One Still Remains

If you tried to book a spring break direct flight from Boise to Portland on Southwest Airlines this week, you’d notice it’s no longer an option.  Southwest released its April and May flight schedule this week, and that direct connection is absent. “If you have a flight under two hours,” says Southwest spokesman Brad Hawkins, “the […]

Southwest Airlines Drops Direct Boise To Portland Flight

Southwest Airlines will drop its direct Boise-to-Portland flights this spring.  The Idaho Press-Tribune reports the airline says fuel costs were the deciding factor. Here’s more from the Idaho Press-Tribune: “The current fuel environment doesn’t allow us to continue operating that market with nonstop service,” Southwest spokesman Brad Hawkins said over email.

Boise Airport Picks Up New Airline, Nonstop Flights

Allegiant Air, known for its low cost direct flights, will now fly out of Boise.  The airline announced new flights from Boise to Las Vegas starting in October and Boise to Honolulu beginning in February. Here’s the press release from Allegiant: Allegiant (NASDAQ: ALGT) announces new, nonstop jet service between Boise, Idaho and Honolulu beginning […]

Flights Aren’t The Only Thing Going Up, Up, Up At The Boise Airport

The combination of high fuel prices and diminished ridership in the wake of the recession has left airlines struggling to boost profit margins. Now, data from the Bureau of Transportation Statistics show that airfares in and out of Boise have gone up by more than 10 percent since last year. The 10.6 percent hike in […]

Horizon Air Chief In Boise As City Leaders Focus On Air Service

Early this year, Boise business leaders turned their attention to securing and maintaining strong air service in and out of the city. To that end, the Boise Metro Chamber of Commerce established a new travel committee, and made preserving and attracting air service its chief focus.  Flight availability, they said, is key to business recruitment […]

Boise Airport Makes A Wishlist: DFW, IAH, ATL, CLT

This spring, Boise business leaders found a target and zeroed in.  The Boise Airport had recently been hit by a spate of cuts.  Southwest had suspended local service to Seattle, Salt Lake and Reno, and that was only the latest round of flight reductions.  Preserving and expanding air service would be its chief focus, a […]

Boise Air Travel By The Numbers

For the last week, StateImpact Idaho has been reporting on recent cuts to flights in and out of Boise.  The guiding question: will airlines’ cutbacks affect Idaho’s prospects for an economic turnaround? Airlines are, of course, responding to broader economic conditions when they determine to stop offering a flight between, say, Boise and Los Angeles.  […]

Soaring Fuel Prices Mean Fewer Flights For Boise

A story in today’s news drives home the large forces at play when Southwest decides — as it recently did — to stop making flights from Boise to Seattle, Salt Lake and Reno.  The International Air Transport Association, a trade group representing major passenger and cargo lines, says industry earnings will probably drop to $3 […]

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