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Southwest Airline’s Direct Boise To Portland Flight Ends This Month

Kevork Djansezian / Getty Images

As StateImpact reported back in October, Southwest Airlines planned to cut its direct Boise to Portland flight this spring.

As KTVB reports today, that flight cut goes into effect by mid-April.

[The Boise Airport] used to be a hub-to-hub carrier, but that is changing and evolving.

“Some of the hubs that they fly to or the cities they fly in between don’t always work out exactly as they need to. With the cost of fuel, they must put their aircraft where they can make the most amount of money to be able to continue to serve their passengers. In this particular case, it did not pencil out to serve the Boise to Portland market,” said Patti Miller with Boise Airport. – KTVB

Over the last couple of years, Southwest has cut flights from Boise to Seattle, Salt Lake City, and Reno.

Even though Southwest’s direct Boise to Portland flight is no longer an option, the airline does offer non-direct flights to Portland. Alaska Airlines still offers direct Boise to Portland flights five days a week.



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