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What Idaho’s $2.78 Billion Budget Looks Like

Idaho lawmakers approved a $2.78 billion budget for fiscal year 2014 that begins in July. That’s an $81 million increase, 2.9 percent, over fiscal year 2013.

As the chart shows, nearly half of the state’s annual budget goes to fund K-12 public schools. When you include funding for colleges, universities, and “other education“, that’s more than 60 percent of Idaho’s budget.

Data Source: Legislative Services Office | Chart: Emilie Ritter Saunders

While the overall annual spending will increase 2.9 percent in fiscal year 2014, some agencies will see sharp funding declines.

The Idaho Department of Labor will operate with 30.7 percent less beginning in July. That’s a $133,700 change. The Office of Drug Policy, housed within the governor’s office, will have 73.1 percent less, or $784,800, in the next fiscal year. The Secretary of State’s Office, which handles elections, business registration, and campaign finance reports, will have 13.7 percent, or $316,900 less.

You can find the complete budget publication from the Legislative Services Office here.


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