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Albertsons Or Albertsons Market? You Decide…

WerthMedia / Flickr Creative Commons

Albertsons says it doesn’t have store closures to announce after a $3.3 billion deal was finalized last week to reunite the brand that was split in 2006.

The Idaho Statesman reports the company did lay off seven workers as part of restructuring. Albertsons LLC, owned by Cerberus Capital Management, purchased 877 stores from the Minnesota grocery giant Supervalu.

The deal means Albertsons LLC now owns all 33 Idaho Albertsons stores, a company that was started in Boise in 1939. What the change in ownership means for customers is still unclear.

“For stores’ employees and customers, they’ll notice our focus is on running great stores and building a positive environment for them,” said Christine Wilcox, spokeswoman for Albertson’s LLC.

“There’s still a lot that we need to figure out,” she said. “We all have been with Albertsons for many years, and we’re just excited to (have corporate operations) back here.” – Idaho Statesman

The most immediate question facing the chain is what to call itself. Albertsons LLC has called its stores Albertsons Market since 2006. Now that the brand is reunited, the new owner is asking customers for input. What do you think, should the stores be called Albertsons or Albertsons Market?


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