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Idaho’s Jobless Rate Stagnant, Workforce Shrinks

Idaho’s January jobless rate didn’t change from December. It remained at 6.3 percent according to the Idaho Department of Labor.

December and January’s seasonally adjusted unemployment rate of 6.3 is a four-year low, but Idaho’s workforce isn’t adding jobs as expected. The Department says Idaho’s labor force actually declined in January.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics also estimated the statewide labor force, essentially flat since last spring, declined in January, underscoring the slowness of Idaho’s recovery and furthering analyst concerns for a sufficient labor force to man a robust expansion.

Idaho employers had been increasing their hiring as 2012 ended, but the pace of job gain at just over 1 percent was slower than the nation’s. – Idaho Dept. of Labor

The Labor Department reports Idaho’s employment increase from December to January was the smallest gain for that time period since the recession.

Idaho’s ranks of the unemployed fell by 400 from December, matching the labor force decline and keeping the unemployment rate unchanged for January. Total employment increased less than 50 to 725,600 to remain 2,900 short of the pre-recession peak. – Idaho Dept. of Labor

Idaho’s jobless rate remains below the national average, which was 7.8 percent in January.

February unemployment data is due out March 22.


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