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Idaho Joins Minority In Opting For State-Based Health Exchange

Kaiser Family Foundation

Click on the image above to see the Kaiser Family Foundation's map of states' health insurance exchange decisions.

When Idaho Gov. C.L. “Butch” Otter opted in favor of a state-based heath insurance exchange, he came to a conclusion that many of his fellow governors did not.  Only 18 states and the District of Columbia have declared they will build their own exchanges, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation.  Seven states plan to create partnership exchanges, while 25 have defaulted to a federal exchange.

Otter’s endorsement of a state-based exchange was at best lukewarm, and it is subject to legislative approval.

House Majority Leader Mike Moyle re-stated his opposition to establishing a state-based exchange in an op-ed published this weekend.  “Uncertainty has been a hallmark of Obamacare from the beginning,” he writes.  “Many key parts of the bill are not spelled out. Details are to be provided by decrees from the secretary of Health and Human Services, details which can change at any time with no congressional approval required,” he continues.

Newly-elected House Speaker Scott Bedke said last week that he wants to withhold judgment, allow freshman lawmakers to come to their own opinions, and identify the consensus within his chamber.  “I think it’s incumbent upon the leadership offices to not drive that discourse down into these new legislators,” he said.  “I appreciate what the governor has done, and I appreciate his seeming willingness to keep the state’s options open.”


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