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Tracking Idaho Workforce Training Grants

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Idaho has granted more than $43 million in workforce training dollars since the program began in 1997.

Thirty-one companies in Idaho have been granted nearly $20 million in workforce training grants.

The Idaho Department of Labor reports the active grants range from about $10,000 up to nearly $6 million.  Businesses typically have two years to use the grant money, but Labor Department spokesman Bob Fick says contracts are often extended.

Here’s a list of the active workforce training grants:

[spreadsheet key=”0AiLU6Cs5LWZIdEsydnlQN3VUd2xvR2xnalJ2V283dlE” source=”Idaho Department of Labor” sheet=0 filter=0 paginate=0 sortable=1]

The Workforce Development Training Fund started in 1997 as a way to encourage business expansion or relocation from another state.  The training dollars are used to help employees who would otherwise lose their job if they didn’t advance their skills.

The fund is paid for by businesses.  Three percent of the unemployment insurance tax paid by employers is set aside for the pool of grant money.

“The set-aside brings in about $3 million a year in normal economic times. Since the Unemployment Insurance Trust Fund went broke and tax rates rose to the maximum to restore fund solvency, the training fund has been getting about $8 million a year.” – Bob Fick

In order to qualify for the training grants, businesses must pay their employees at least $12 an hour and provide health benefits.  Companies in urban areas must create a minimum of five new jobs, rural businesses need one in order to qualify.

Eligible companies must generate at least half of its revenue from products or services sold outside of Idaho, or be in the health care sector.

Urban companies typically receive $2,000 per employee for training. Rural businesses can receive $3,000 per employee.  The Department of Labor reports that’s just a guideline and higher training reimbursements have been granted depending on the type of training needed. As of February 2012, the Workforce Development Training Fund had a $16.7 million balance.

*Satic, Inc. is a Missoula, Mont. based company whose Post Falls, Idaho location closed.  The unused training grant will remain in the fund.


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