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Romney’s Boise Speech Light On Details, Heavy On Politics

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Mitt Romney spoke at Guerdon Enterprises in Boise

Speaking at a Boise modular building company, Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney said he has the skills it takes to turn Idaho’s economy around.

The former Massachusetts governor was in full campaign mode, delivering a speech that was light on details, but heavy on attacks leveled at President Barack Obama and fellow GOP candidate Rick Santorum, who has made a recent surge in the polls.  

“Almost everything he’s [Obama] done in my view, is the exact opposite of what’s needed to get this country growing again and get people back to work,” Romney says.  “I think to create jobs, it helps to have had a job.”

Romney says his background of working in the private sector and running the state of Massachusetts gives him the experience needed to win the presidential race this fall.

The former governor was critical of the budget President Obama revealed this week.  Romney says he’s the only Republican candidate fiscally conservative enough to make a change in government spending.

“This is going to be a campaign, in part, about who can be a fiscal conservative, who can be a deficit hawk who will stop spending more money than we take in, and spending our kids’ future,” Romney says.  “I believe it’s immoral and bad economics to spend what we don’t have.  I will stop the spending in Washington.”

Romney’s spending plan includes a 5 percent across the board cut on non-security discretionary spending, a 10 percent reduction in the federal workforce, and a limit on total federal spending at 20 percent of gross domestic product.

You can read more about the four Republican front-runners’ economic policy plans and get more info about Idaho’s March 6 caucus here.


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