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Idaho Exports Increase in 2011

Karen Bleier / Getty Images

Wheat ready for harvest. Wheat is one of Idaho's top ag exports.

Idaho’s Commerce Department reports exports totaled a record $5.89 billion in 2011.  According to a press release, the department says exports were up more than 14 percent last year compared to 2010.

Idaho’s top exports include; semiconductors (memory chips), industrial equipment, precious and semi-precious metals, agriculture commodities, processed food, fertilizers, paper products and personal care products.

Here’s more from the Idaho Commerce Department:

Idaho exports account for roughly ten percent of Idaho’s Gross State Product and more than 30,000 jobs statewide.   Idaho is one of only 17 states to maintain a trade surplus with the world.

“Exports are a strategic way for Idaho to retain and expand our core manufacturing, agricultural and services base,” said Jeffery Sayer, director of the Idaho Department of Commerce.

Demand for Idaho products continues to be strongest from trading partners in North America and Asia Pacific.  In 2011, nine out of ten of Idaho’s top export destinations were from these regions, including:  Canada, Taiwan, China, Singapore, South Korea, Japan, France, Mexico, Malaysia and the Philippines.


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