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How To Contact Your Legislator

Idaho Legislature / State of Idaho

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The state legislature’s website lists phone numbers and standard email forms for each legislator.  You can to search for your lawmaker by legislative district or by name. If you don’t know either of those, the website provides contact info for your county’s election official, who will be able to give you the right information.

The state website also lists committee assignments for each legislator.  Some of the information on the legislature’s website is slightly out of date but it will be updated by the time the session convenes.

Idaho’s 105 legislators are in town for three months each year.  It’s known as a citizen legislature, meaning Idaho’s lawmakers aren’t full-time politicians.  Most have other careers.

Legislative compensation is established by a citizens’ committee, subject to rejection by the full Legislature. Legislators receive $16,116 per year, plus expenses for housing and travel during the session, and a constituent service allowance of $2,200. The President Pro Tem and Speaker receive an additional $4,000 per year. – Idaho State Legislature’s website


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