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Three Reasons Why Idaho’s Senators Don’t Like New USDA Lunch Recommendations

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Idaho has long been known for its Russet Potatoes

Idaho’s senators are trying to block new USDA  recommendations that would limit servings of potatoes to school kids.

The Northwest News Network reports the USDA is recommending that districts in the National School Lunch Program limit servings of starchy vegetables to one cup a week per student.  That means fewer scoops of corn, lima beans and most politically charged — potatoes.

“Every state grows potatoes,” he says. “Now, Idaho is the No. 1 growing state, but we represent one-third of all U.S. potatoes. So this is an important issue for really every state in the union.” – Frank Muir, Idaho Potato Commission

Here’s why Idaho’s senators and potato farmers don’t like the proposal:

  • 294,000 acres of Idaho farmland was planted with potatoes in 2010
  • That acreage equaled 113 million hundredweight (cwt) of potatoes or 11,300,000,000 pounds
  • Those potatoes brought in more than $852 million dollars for Idaho farmers last year

Source: USDA


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