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USF Polytechnic Starts Transition Into Standalone University

Work has begun to get Florida’s 12th public university up and running. Florida Polytechnic University (FPU) will be a member of the State University System after splitting off from the University of South Florida (USF). It was known as USF Polytechnic in Lakeland until the Florida Legislature voted to make it an independent, standalone university. […]

Search Begins For Florida Polytechnic Trustees

Florida Polytechnic University in Lakeland is ready for its own Board of Trustees. Gov. Rick Scott has launched a national search for thirteen trustees that will govern Florida’s 12th public university. It turns out applicants can live anywhere. They don’t have to be in Florida to serve. “We must have a globally competitive education system […]

Lawmakers React With Anger, Defiance to University of South Florida Budget Cut

Some Tampa Bay lawmakers are reacting with anger and defiance to a Senate proposal to cut 58 percent of state funding for the University of South Florida. Those proposed cuts are more than twice as big as the proposed reductions for other universities, according to an analysis by USF. Senate Finance Chairman J.D. Alexander of […]

Fla. Senate Recommends USF Get the Biggest Budget Cut

The University of South Florida is holding an emergency meeting today after a recommendation to disproportionately cut USF’s budget, compared to other state Universities. Of the $400 million recommended to be cut from the entire state university system, $79 million would come from USF, according to the Tampa Bay Times. The budget recommendation comes after Polytechnic […]

Feedback Loop: A Hug by Any Other Name

When is a hug innocent or inappropriate? Administrators at Southwest Middle School in Palm Bay adopted a zero tolerance, no-hugging policy so school officials would not have to differentiate. But, that policy resulted in the in-school suspension of two Florida middle school students for hugging even though the principal said it appeared innocent. Zero tolerance […]

USF Polytechnic Wins Bid for Independence…Sort Of

Supporters of independence for USF Polytechnic in Florida have won a crucial vote by the university system Board of Governors. But they didn’t get everything they wanted. Board members voted 12 – 3 in favor of splitting Polytechnic from the University of South Florida…but not right away. USF Polytechnic has to jump over some hurdles […]

USF Polytechnic: Five Pros and Five Cons for Independence

USF Polytechnic could soon shed the “USF” and become Florida’s 12th independent public university, but is that a good idea? On Wednesday afternoon, Florida’s Board of Governors is scheduled to talk about, and perhaps vote on, whether USF Polytechnic in Polk County should be allowed to split from the University of South Florida.

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