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Gov. Rick Scott: Fund School Reforms With Savings

Gov. Rick Scott has launched an August Charm Offensive, serving doughnuts to voters and attempting to build a relationship with state media. Scott stopped by WUSF radio in Tampa Friday as part of his three-day visit to the city. Scott touched on the economy, the state budget and other issues, but was also asked how […]

Will Florida Cheat Too?

Florida is tempting cheating by basing teacher salaries on the results of the Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test, Fred Grimm opines in the Miami Herald today. Lawmakers required school districts create pay-for-performance systems where at least half a teacher’s evaluation is determined by an FCAT score. That sets Florida up for the same type of systematic […]

Can Schools Depend on Teacher Evaluations?

Amanda Moreno at The Huffington Post attempts to peel apart the arguments used by the education reform advocates against those who oppose high-stakes student testing, performance pay and other measures states are adopting across the country. Moreno’s piece is sure to provoke an argument, but one section seems worthy of discussion. Moreno notes that a […]

Was Bill Gates’ $5 Billion Worth It?

That’s the question the Wall Street Journal asks in their weekend interview with the Microsoft founder and education philanthropist. Gates admits a $100 million program to create smaller high schools did not work as well as hoped: “But the overall impact of the intervention, particularly the measure we care most about—whether you go to college—it […]

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