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Why Summer School is Not an Option for Many Students


Summer is no longer for students trying to get ahead.

Because of budget cuts, school districts started limiting their summer options four or five years ago.

In Broward County – the nation’s sixth largest school district — there’s no summer school at all. Only night school for high school students and those night classes are all online.

By law, Florida districts are only required to offer a summer reading camp to third graders who failed the FCAT reading exam.

In 2008 — the last year Miami-Dade offered summer school to everyone, it cost $16.7 million.

The reduced summer options it offers now costs $5 million.

Miami-Dade, the nation’s third largest district. offers summer school to some 3rd -5th grade students and 6th-8th grade students who are at risk of not being promoted to middle or high school. Some high school students can also take night school over the summer.

Orange County offers summer school to Kindergarten through 3rd grade students, 6th-8th grade students who are at risk of not being promoted to middle or high school, and high seniors and juniors who are at risk of not graduating.

Hillsborough County also offers night school to some high school students, but again, it’s based on seniority.

School officials say Florida Virtual School is filling the void left by cash-strapped Florida districts.

But some students who need to re-take a class they failed during the school year say they need face time with a teacher.

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