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Explaining Florida’s New Race-Based Achievement Goals

The State Board of Education is taking criticism for a new five-year plan which local school officials say sets lower goals for blacks, Hispanics and other groups than for white or Asian students. But the plan also asks for more improvement from those same black and Hispanic students than their higher-performing classmates, something supporters say […]

Social Media Helps Student With Autism Find His Voice

Henry Frost, 13, is fighting for a seat in his neighborhood school, instead of the specialized school administrators have found appropriate for him. His photo – and his cause – has gone viral since the photo was posted at the end of August.

The Florida Districts Most Likely to Seclude Or Restrain Students

Leon County schools led the state in the number of students put into seclusion for behavior or safety reason in 2012, according to Florida Department of Education data. Leon County schools used seclusion almost twice as often as the next district on the list, Pinellas County schools. Orange and Hillsborough county schools were most likely […]

Florida Keeps Two Sets Of Seclusion Data — And Why Neither May Tell The Full Story

Last week, we posted data we received from the Florida Department of Education on the instances of student seclusion and restraint in Florida schools. Readers chimed in saying they’ve seen different data. And we’ve figured out why. The Florida Department of Education keeps two sets of student seclusion and restraint data. Every incident is supposed […]

Many Florida Schools Use Seclusion Rooms For Students With Disabilities

Editor’s note: We’ve followed up this post answering some questions about the data raised by readers. Florida keeps two sets of seclusion data. State officials say school districts should record incidents of seclusion in both sets of data, but admit that it does not happen. As a result, Florida Department of Education spokeswoman Cheryl Etters […]

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