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Five Questions About Amendment 8, Answered

Earlier this week we gave the full explanation about the Amendment 8 debate in Florida — what the change would and would not do. We know that was a lot to absorb, so we’ve boiled it down to a Cliffs Notes version to sort out the details. 1. What is Amendment 8 and what does […]

Will Amendment 8 Allow Florida To Fund Religious Schools? Not Directly

Alachua County school board member Eileen Roy has called a proposed constitutional amendment coming before voters in November “the very death of public schools.” The state’s largest teacher’s union is running ads against the change and mobilizing teachers to get out and vote against it. Amendment 8 – dubbed the Religious Freedom Amendment – is […]

Amendment 8 Could Revive Vouchers for Religious Schools, Lawyer Says

The battle over Amendment 8 — the Religious Freedom Amendment — is being fought on several fronts: civil rights, the maintenance of vital social services and, recently, public education. The very prospect of allowing religious organizations to receive public funds goaded the Broward County school board to issue a barely-legal public warning last week. The […]

Teachers At Religious Schools Not Protected By Discrimination Laws

The Supreme Court ruled today that religious employees of a church, including private, religious schools cannot sue for employee discrimination, according to the AP. In the Michigan case, the Hosanna-Tabor Evangelical Lutheran Church and School of Redford, Mich., was sued by the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission on behalf of Cheryl Perich, a teacher at the […]

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