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Why Small Schools Might Be Better For Students Than Small Classes

The School of Arts and Sciences (SAS) in Tallahassee has just over 300 students, and the waiting list to get in is much longer. Maureen Yoder is one of the founders of the 15-year-old K-8 charter school. “We started this school with the intent of keeping it small because we want to create a school […]

Legislation Gives Florida School Districts More Flexibility On Class Sizes

A bill that would change the way schools are penalized for not complying with class size requirements is getting bipartisan support so far in Tallahassee. The House Choice and Innovation panel made a few tweaks to the legislation and approved it Wednesday with just one member voting against it. Voters approved a constitutional amendment in […]

State Analysis Says Florida Charters Perform Better Than Traditional Schools

Here’s more fuel for the fire in the charter school debate. Student achievement data compiled by the Florida Department of Education suggests charter students are performing better than their peers in traditional schools. That goes against research by Dr. Stanley Smith, a University of Central Florida business professor. He found that charters perform worse than […]

Report Says Charter Schools Should Diversify For The Sake Of The Students

Charter schools tend to be less diverse than traditional public schools, according to a new report, and federal and state officials should consider rules that give charter schools more flexibility in choosing students. As schools of choice, charters could use diversity to improve student education, according to a report from the Poverty & Race Research […]

Lawsuit Filed Against Florida Principal Over Religious Emails

The latest kerfuffle involving religion in schools comes to us from Clay County in a suburb of Jacksonville. A school principal is being sued by an assistant principal over what the plaintiff refers to as state-sponsored religion. Linda Turner is the principal at Bannerman Learning Center in Green Cove Springs. She is being sued, along […]

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